My current darkroom is in the basement of a typical period terraced house in the northwest of England. There I share the space with a laundry machine, some stinky mould and a discrete amount of arthropods which keep me company during my darkroom sessions. Despite this, the avalable space is generous. As all darkrooms it can be subdivided in two zones: a dry zone which is dedicated to the preparation of the negatives, the storage of the paper and the enlarger; and a wet zone which is generally a large sink/basin where the print are developed/treated and cleaned in special chemicals.

At the end of August I will move south (of England) for good and sadly there is neither a basement nor a spare room to outfit a darkroom. However, the place has a small garden, in which, after long negotiations with my wife, I can install a garden shed! A common garden shed can be a great darkroom, which essentially is no more than a room which can be made pitch dark. After some planning and sketching I can manage to fit all my equipment (enlarger, dry-mount press, sink…) into a 2.5m x 3m shed.

Being quite handy and with experience in a similar project, I am confident that I can carry out most of the construction work myself to keep costs down as much as possible. I am planning to provide good insulation to the shed in order to be able to work in winter and a good ventilation system indispensable when working with chemicals. However, for other works like water and power supply I will have to ask a technician. The estimated project budget is around £2,500.

To back my project I created a Kickstarter campaign where, starting from an offer as little as 10£, you will recive a small silver gelatine print. If you can or feel more generous I created three special Kickstarter Limited Edition photographs each avaialble in three different sizes.

The prints are completely handmade by me in my current darkroom using the best quality fiber based paper and toned in selenium for achieving maximal tone range (to learn more about the technique follow this link). You will receive your print already mounted on conservation board, ready to be framed. Please refer to the following images to learn more about the differet sizes available.

This Limited Edition is available to my Kickstarter supporters only and will not be offered elsewhere . so don't hesitate nay further: click here and back my project. Of course any support is more than welcome and if you browse my webpage and find a picture you like more feel to drop me a message.

"Photography is not difficult—as long as you have something to say."   Mario Giacomelli

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