Making a picture is a complex process starting in the moment when light is captured on the film substrate to produce a latent image. The film is later developed in a complete darkness using chemicals to reveal a negative. Afterwards paper coated with light-sensitive silver salts is exposed to light using the negative and developed in more chemicals to finally produce a print. The print is the ultimate performance, unique and crafted to communicate a photographer’s vision.

All my work you see on this webpage is for sale on limited edition of 10 copies for each photograph. The price for a mounted print depends on the size of the photographic paper used and goes as follow:

8″x10″ Photographic FB paper mounted and matted to 15″x13″

from £50.00

11″x14″ Photographic FB paper mounted and matted to 15″x13″

from £65.00

12″x16″ Photographic FB paper and matted to 16″x20″

from £80.00

16″x20″ Photographic FB paper mounted and matted to 20″x24″

from £120.00

Each print is personally and carefully prepared in the darkroom on high quality silver gelatine photographic fibre based paper. Once dried the print is mounted on a board using photo corner and finished by an archival ivory white mat. The title of the photograph, the edition number, the date and my signature are written on the back of the print. The mounted print is finally inserted in a glassine bag to ensure protection during transport.

To purchase a print simply contact me with a title of the picture you wish. At the moment I accept payment via PayPal only.

"Printing is the ultimate moment of truth in photography."   Brett Weston

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